The benefits of using beard oil

With all the memes and funny pictures about men with beards trending all over the Internet, it has made owning a beard trendy and fashionable in this generation giving bearded men an upper hand with the ladies (I don’t know why but it happens). But oh well! If you are a bearded man, you might own everything there is to give that facial hair a delicate touch from electric razors used for shaping and styling to hand cut combs. However, if you only use these tools, you are missing one critical item needed for an appealing beard outcome, and that is beard oil.

This oil is a crucial element used for crowning your urban and hip beards man routine. The product is used for both functional and aesthetic purposes. The smell it produces is exquisite, and it even improves the beards health.

What is beard oil?

Simply put, beard oil is a cosmetic oil designed to give your beard a fresh and more manageable appeal. It is, however, a game-changing product that makes sure that beards that look like they are unkempt or not shaven for some time are a thing of the past. It takes some effort, patience and time to grow a beard that has a well-manicured landscape appeal. And all it takes is the use of beard oil.


How do I apply beard oil?

Using this product is an easy and straightforward process. As a matter of fact, you can put a small amount into the palm of your hands and then rub it in from the bottom all the way to the edges. After applying thoroughly, you should use a brush or a beard comb to groom it.

The benefits of using beard oil

1. This product is also a skin moisturizer in that it seals in moisture and then forms an essential barrier to any external elements.

2. Daily use of beard oil will result in giving your hair a nice shiny look.

3. Beard oil conditions and moisturizes the hair in that it coats every hair shaft and protects it from dryness and dust.

4. Shampooing and washing often cause the removal of natural oils in your hair resulting in breakage. However, beard oil covers the hair shaft that restores the moisture and prevents damage.

5. The use of beard oil on dry and itchy beard will help to offer relief and often moisturizes the area that is affected.

6. Another advantage that comes with this product is that when you apply, it assists in slowing the aging process down.

7. Also, the product increases blood circulation which then encourages hair growth and unblocks hair follicles to facilitate more growth.

8. Beard oil keeps your skin soft by protecting the skin cells and also assists in preventing free radicals from damaged skin.

9. When the hair follicle is clogged acne often develops, beard oil goes through the hair follicle then helps to remove any blockage and even assist with inflammation.


gdhdd74If you are a beard lover, having a bushy, unkempt beard is now a thing of the past. With many types of beard oil products in the market, you have no excuse what so ever for a poorly maintained beard. You can also check out and see the best wax that you can use along with the beard oil.